Everything You Should Do on the First Day of a Remote Job

Meredith Dietz 3/17/22 12:00PM (Lifehacker)

Many of us adjusted to WFH life over the past two years, maybe even joining the so-called “great resignation” to avoid a forced return to an in-person office. Given the opportunity to start a remote gig, there’s no shortage of reasons to opt for the perks of working from home over in-person roles.

Still, remote or not, the first day of a new job is anxiety-inducing. All of the wisdom about making a solid impression on your first day comes from in-person practices of a different world: the firm handshake, poking your head in someone’s office to introduce yourself, grabbing lunch with a coworker to get to know them. Have all these nuances of the before times gone out the window? How can you translate these small—yet crucial—connections on the first day of your remote job?


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