How to get the most out of remote work?

Stiven Cartagena April 7, 2022 (Entrepreneur)

Being able to work from home has many advantages, but there are also big challenges to staying productive. The key to being able to take advantage of remote work is to come up with a clear plan to overcome challenging situations such as distraction, procrastination, and lack of productivity.

How to be more effective taking advantage of remote work

Millions of people worked remotely before the pandemic caused by covid-19. However, as soon as the spike in cases and the spread of the pandemic began, tens of millions of people began to move their work home. And even now, after many countries managed to contain the spread of the virus, remote work is still considered normal .

Nowadays, it is quite likely that you will be asked to work remotely at some point in your work activity. The big question is: how do you handle it?


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