Senior/Staff Software Engineer

Website Affinda

Role: Full-time Contractor
Location: Global (Our team lives in +1 GMT to +10 GMT)
Compensation: 100,000 – 180,000 AUD per annum

We are Affinda, an AI Products company that builds world-class solutions, fast. We helps companies to embrace AI technologies. Our solutions are used by over 500 companies, we are well funded and are growing >100% p.a.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for a Senior/Staff Software Engineer to work on our Draftable product ( In this role, you will work with our algorithms team to improve our core comparison algorithms. This is a role where you actually use all of the algorithm/data structure knowledge that people usually only need to know for interviews.  

This role is right for you if: 
You are a pragmatic problem solver who enjoys finding elegant solutions to complex problems.
You care about choosing the right abstractions, and writing clean and efficient code. 
You enjoy the freedom to proactively identify opportunities and build innovative solutions in a commercial environment.  
You know how to select the right tool for the job. Be it programming language, framework, library, etc. 
You have an in-depth knowledge of algorithms & data structures. (Bonus: Experience in competitive coding)
You have 3+ years of software engineering experience.
You know how to research a technical topic. (Bonus: Experience in reading & implementing research papers)
You have great communication skills – You express technical solutions clearly.
You are independent & self-motivated. 

Affinda’s approach to work
We are family-friendly with flexible hours and location.  
We have clear goals and very few meetings.  
We are a rapidly growing business, and we give you the opportunity to take as much responsibility as you can handle. 
We have a trust-based culture – we promote independence, we help each other out, and we despise micromanagement. We work efficiently, without the need for daily stand-ups.  
We want to empower you to be maximally productive, and we’ll reward you fairly when you are. We reward you on your output and we don’t create arbitrary performance metrics. 
We have a product-led development process. We are agile (but not Agile). We like short milestones. We launch things as soon as they’re ready. We don’t have much technical debt.  
We are a small, friendly team of experienced professionals. We are all great at what we do and appreciate the value of working with highly competent peers.  

Lifestyle and Diversity

We understand you have a life outside work, and we will respect your non-working and family time. 

Affinda is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a team that represents a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and experiences. 

Our recruitment process

Want to apply? Send us your CV and a cover letter (we don’t accept applications without cover letters).

The process for qualified candidates is: 
Screening call – An opportunity for you to learn more about what we do 
Technical interview – An opportunity for us to learn about your skillset 
Work Test – A practical demonstration of your skills 
Final stage – Meet with our Chief Scientist 

Everyone is different. The above is what we see as the typical process. Depending on the candidate there may be value in additional or fewer steps.  

This is a role for a software engineer who wants to solve challenging algorithmic problems in a growing company with great opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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