Full-stack / Platform Engineer

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Website Clovyr

Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8)

About Clovyr
Clovyr makes it super easy for people and businesses of all technical skill levels to find and use software that treats them better than data-hungry SaaS apps. We help open source projects (especially those with complex tech stacks) grow their community of contributors and get their apps into more people’s hands. The Clovyr platform makes self-hosting anywhere from a home server to your own cloud account simple and safe.

We care deeply about privacy-conscious design, re-decentralizing the web, and building systems that give people choice and control without sacrificing usability.

Clovyr is recently funded and growing quickly! ☘️

Learn more at clovyr.io and clovyr.app.
About the Full-stack / Platform Engineer role:
This is a core technical role that reports to the VP of Engineering.

Work with Clovyr’s cofounders and engineering team to turn the product vision into user-visible features
Turn an MVP of the first software orchestration platform that runs in the browser into a ubiquitously used production application
Build software that runs reliably on other people’s infrastructure without constant phone-home monitoring
Harden and automate our onboarding processes until they can be externalized as self-onboarding tools
Your Experience & Skills:
You are very comfortable with Go, able to describe why you love it, why you hate it, and also why it’s still worth using
You have some experience with a functional programming language like Haskell or Rust. You are able to describe both the challenges and benefits of building libraries, products, teams, and companies around one of these languages, and also why they’re still worth using
You have worked with Kubernetes enough to reliably create, manage, and troubleshoot apps and services
You are relentless in digging into challenges and identifying root causes. When you ask questions, they show you’ve already done some work to understand the problem space
You have built some proxy servers, orchestration tools, networking devices, and/or homebrew tools that dig deep into the guts of modern network engineering
This role might be a great fit if you:
Have a deep interest in the problems that Clovyr works on, from the technical (how can we make self-hosting so simple that non-technical people delight in doing it) to the practical (why is a world where more people and businesses run their own software desirable)?
Have wrestled with running a home server and/or on-prem B2B apps and services
Understand how peer-to-peer filesharing worked in 2007
Understand how crypto/web3 infrastructure works in 2022 (and have pragmatic opinions about it)
Have relationships in open source communities, especially those organized around privacy-conscious software
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To apply for this job please visit clovyr.breezy.hr.