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We are looking for a Platform Engineer specializing in Security to join our product development team, and play an integral role in the development of our managed Kubernetes offering. You will build and develop the platform, using cutting edge technologies including Kubernetes Operators and Cluster API.

We have recently added an entirely open-source security solution to our suite of managed services and are looking for a Platform Engineer to join us in building out the new stack and continuously improving our security posture in Kubernetes. In this role, you would join our security team and work on integrating open-source security tools into our managed security service, hardening our Kubernetes clusters, and enabling customers and other teams to be secure by default.

Giant Swarm is a fast-growing open-source infrastructure management platform used by modern enterprises. Our vision is to empower developers around the world to ship great products.
You will be responsible for architecting and building distributed systems, as part of our managed Kubernetes offering.
You will use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools from across the open-source community, including Kubernetes, Falco, Starboard, Trivy, Harbor, Kyverno, Prometheus, and Flatcar Linux.
You take part in oncall, as part of our ‘you build it, you run it’ philosophy. This includes improving operations, such as adding metrics, or building dashboards.

You have experience with Go and at least one other programming language, and a strong architectural background.
You have worked extensively with Kubernetes.
You are an experienced Linux user.
You are used to deploying to production multiple times a day, and love to automate all the things.
You are comfortable building and working with distributed systems – you prefer to build your applications as multiple services instead of a single monolith.
We offer flexible working hours, but we (and our customers) are currently mostly distributed around Europe. You will need to align parts of your day to communicate with them, so ideally your main time zone is UTC +/- 2 hours or US/Canada Eastern Standard Time.
We are very active in the Cloud Native / Kubernetes space. If you are as well – or you just love giving talks – it will be a perfect addition.
Bonus points if you have meaningful experience with security tooling in Kubernetes, have ever maintained an open-source security project, are/were an incident responder, or have worked in a similar relevant blue team role.

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