Remote Full stack Node.js / MongoDB / React / SMS developer


Brief overview of this role at Hiro: We are looking for a intermediate to Senior Full Stack MERN Developer with SMS (Twilio) experience

This role would be great for you if…
You want technical authority and autonomy around your work on fast growing web and mobile projectsYou’re part of a bigger team with ZERO opportunities to take a lead role (this would be perfect for you).
Or you worked in startups (or had your own startup) that has ended and you want to join a startup team so you can move very quickly – this role would be perfect for you. 
Maybe you don’t have as many years of experience of others, but think you would do well at taking on more responsibility – this role would be perfect for you.
You love learning, audiobooks, podcasts, entrepreneurship, being a part of something revolutionary, and are looking for an opportunity to kick-start your career.
You will have opportunities such as…
Become a senior and founding member of our team & work with a world class team. We expect and love doing exceptional work. You will be joining a small team of elite players and you will be expected to perform as an elite yourself. We are incredible at what we do and we love to get results.
You will have freedom and autonomy.
It’s up to you to figure out how to approach and solve a problem. No one is going to give you exact instructions or make you do it their way. With freedom comes a ton of ownership and responsibility. We believe when you control your destiny, you’re more invested in your work. And we can’t imagine working any other way.
You will make a difference.
You’ll get to see the direct impact of your work and the value created. Not only do we help small businesses improve their profits, delight customers, and increase repeat sales, but our platform also enables thousands of people to earn money online by talking about subjects they know and love.
You will have tons of opportunities for learning and growth.
You’ll solve challenging problems and put your skills to the test everyday. Your opinion matters and you’ll get to provide input on all sorts of technical and non-technical decisions.
You will enjoy flexible workdays.
This job is results-oriented. You will be responsible for working in sprints and achieving goals. When and where you choose to work is completely up to you. Provided that you produce work that is exceptional and delivered on time, you can work whenever you want.
Sometimes we have retreats.
When it’s possible, we will get together in person, someplace fun, for a week to get stuff done while having a good time.
Stock options and rev share.
If we create something of extraordinary value together, then everyone who worked on that should be rewarded with more than a paycheck. The long-term benefits of working with us include sharing in the jackpot if the company thrives.

You will be responsible for:

Leading and being responsible for the development of Hiro.
Writing clean and maintainable code.
Implementing new features in collaboration with the team.
Optimize existing code to perfection with attention to performance & maintainability.
Self-reviewing and testing your work before pushing.

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